What is Crowbox?

You’ve captured some amazing photos of a city, lake, sunset, rock, field…

Now you’re social distancing with a few of your friends and you want to show them your photos. You don’t want to post or email – it’s just an impromptu thing. You could hand them your phone (Yuck! Nooooo!) and tell them to swipe left, (hoping they don’t swipe right). Welcome to Crowbox!

Crow your photos with Crowbox!

Crowbox is for safely sharing your photos when you’re hanging out together. Crowbox lets you show YOUR photos on THEIR iPhones. You control the show – but they see it on their phone. Like an old-fashioned slideshow, except everyone has their own personal screen.

TLDR? How about a whimsical video.

No cloud? No internet? No problem!

Did we mention that Crowbox is completely safe and secure. YOUR photos play directly on THEIR screens – there is no server, or cloud. And that means it works anywhere you have a group of iOS devices together – a driveway, a park, a mountaintop, a socially distanced restaurant. No internet required. No account required. No wifi router required. No username and password required.

Where can I get Crowbox?

Crowbox is on the App Store here. You should know that it only works on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) at this time.

Just the facts please.

  • Nearby, impromptu photo sharing  (show pictures to friends/family in your proximity)
  • The Crower controls the show  (The Crower moves from picture to picture – viewers see just what the crower wants)
  • Multiple simultaneous viewers  (up to five concurrent viewers)
  • Real-time highlighting  (Crower can magnify or spotlight areas of pictures in real-time)
  • Free app  (full functionality — in-app purchase for additional features)
  • Share without storing  (viewer does not have to download pictures — not stored on viewer’s device)
  • No cloud/internet required  (pictures are not uploaded to or downloaded from servers)
  • Fast transfer  (optimized pictures and direct peer-to-peer with no server upload/download)
  • Share extension  (share or add to Crowbox directly from Photos or other apps)
  • Notify viewer  (Crower can notify new viewers — go directly to Crowbox app)
  • Private mode  (secure picture sharing option)
  • Zoom and scroll  (viewer can zoom in and scroll picture for more detail)
  • Custom album(s)  (collect and organize just the pictures you want to share — 18 pictures per album)
  • Add more albums  (one album free — eight additional albums for small, one-time fee)

Got questions?

Try our Crowbox support page here.